The Mirasol Foundation Supports Career Mentoring Program Contributing to Local Youth Success!

May 2023- Palm Beach County – The Mirasol Foundation celebrated during an” Awards Happy Hour giving local nonprofits grants. The foundation supports preparing youth for life beyond school walls through the “School to Work” mentoring program. Through this partnership with the “Mirasol Foundation” Palm Beach County youth receive one to one mentoring, career skills workshops, learn pathways to post secondary education, team building, and leadership skills. Introducing them to real world work experience for their future and equipping them to make a successful transition beyond high school.

Thank You Mirasol Foundation for sharing the vision that “all children will succeed.” We are honored to have The Mirasol Foundation as a partner in mentoring local youth.

About The Mirasol Foundation, Inc.

The Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer charitable organization established, directed, and supported by the residents of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The mission of the Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is to raise, administer, and distribute funds to civic, cultural, educational, social, and health-related non-profit, section 501(C)(3) organizations in Palm Beach Country and surrounding communities. To learn more visit:

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