Jonathan Landing Cares Trusts in the Power of Mentoring Local Youth to Inspire the Future!

June 2022- Jonathan Landing Cares is impacting the lives of local children and youth. Because JL Cares values volunteering and community service, local children and youth are introduced to a caring Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor. The award enables the agency professional staff to provide ongoing support and safety for hundreds of mentoring relationships. Thank you JL Cares for your commitment to give children and youth new opportunities that help them reach their brightest potential.

About JL Cares

Established in 1996 by residents of Jonathan’s Landing, JL Cares, a 501(c)3 charitable organization encourages and coordinates volunteer involvement by their residents and members in the Jupiter area and raises funds for non-profit agencies and schools in the local community. Each year JL Cares actively supports local agencies through volunteer work, financial gifts, and grants. Additionally, each year, JL members and residents volunteer thousands of hours at local organizations, including schools, hospitals, family services, housing, learning centers, military assistance, church outreach and more. Volunteerism is an integral part of the culture at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club. JL Cares is proud of its dedication to help the local community and its reputation of success.

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